DC Jack

Developed to provide power for everyday electronics, the small sized cylindrical DC electric power connector is ideal for IoT applications, including smart speakers and displays but not limited to consumer centric devices. It can also be applied to other industries and integrate designs to meet specific environmental requirements, such as waterproof and dustproof features.

Primarily found on the device side, the receptacle is integrated with PCB either by surface mounting or through-hole approach. Parameters such as center height, outer and inner diameter are critical factors when determining the type of receptacle to employ from the device aspect. DC jack may also be found on cable terminal applications.

The plug, which further extends to Type A and Type B with the main difference on the presence of internal pin, predominantly connects to the electrical cord and delivers power to the applicable device via wall adapters.

Our common product offering encompass different types such as On-Board, Mid-Mount, Vertical and Right Angled oriented solutions to fit a variety of mechanical structure designs. Alternatively, customized services and design can also be provided upon request.


  • Smart Phone
  • PC and Laptop
  • IoT Devices
  • POS
  • Tablets
  • Speaker
  • Automotive Sector
  • Healthcare and Medical Device
  • Industrial Use


  • Straight and Right Angle Solutions Available
  • Plug and Receptacles Available
  • Shielded and Non-Shielded
  • Waterproof and Dustproof Rated Options
  • Cable assembly Option of Various Lengths with Overmold
  • Compliant to Environmental Specification



Body Height 6 Body Length 15.53 Body Width 8

1.65 mm Center Pin, 5A, Right Angle, Through Hole, DC Power Jack Connector


Body Height 6.4 Body Length 12 Body Width 6

1.65 mm Center Pin, 4A, Right Angle, Surface Mount (SMT+DIP), DC Power Jack Connector


Body Height 8.5 Body Length 12 Body Width 10

Non Center Pin, 5A, Black Nickel, Right Angle, Through Hole, DC Power Jack Connector


Body Height 5 Body Length 10.2 Body Width 5.9

1.0 mm Center Pin, 3A, Right Angle, Cable Type, DC Power Jack Connector


Body Height 14 Body Length 14.26 Body Width 10.6

2 mm Center Pin, 4A, Vertical, Surface Mount (SMT), DC Power Jack Connector


Body Height 4.7 Body Length 9 Body Width 6

1.3 mm Center Pin, 3A, Right Angle,Through Hole, DC Power Jack Connector

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