Circular Plastic Series

The robust and waterproof plastic circular series is selected for indoor conditions and external environment as it is suitable for a broad range of applications. The mechanical attributes of polarized plastic housing and thread assist locking design enabled simple but proven reliable connection. Accessories such as dust cap can be added to seal off end connections providing safety protection against foreign particles. We offer a variety of products with the flexibility on pin position selection, power transmission capacity and the availability of installation space to provide solution that can meet the intended application and operating environment.


  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial Machinery and Robotics
  • Outdoor Device
  • Marine Electronic
  • Outdoor Display/Lighting


  • Bayonet Locking Mechanism
  • Multiple Sizes Available: A, B, C, D
  • Versatile Range of Pin Counts Available
  • Mounting Method: Rear and Front Fastened
  • IPX7 Rated
  • Cable Option: PVC or PUR Overmold


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