The development of High Speed Data (HSD) interconnect has been driven by the need of high performing vehicle systems in today’s and upcoming models. Continuous deployment of advanced technologies can be observed as auxiliary functions are added with the intention to assist and minimize accidents. Attributed by the differential pair structural design, the system emits minimal Electromagnetic Interference, therefore ideal for performing its designed functions including the use on safety applications, infotainment systems and offering consumer connectivity on the road.


  • Camera System
  • Infotainment Modules
  • Rear Seat Entertainment
  • Display Unit Connection System


  • Support High Speed Data Transmission
  • Highly Robust and Shielded
  • Mechanical Key and Color Coded for Different Applications
  • Enhanced Reliability Provided by Secured Tight Lock
  • Straight and Right Angle Connectors Available
  • Cable Assembly Option Available
  • RoHS Compliant



Contact: Male Orientation: Right Angle Connector Type: PCB Mount Width: 12mm Height: 14mm Length: 27.2mm


Contact: Male Orientation: Vertical Connector Type: PCB Mount Width: 12mm Height: 14mm Length: 20.3mm
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